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DXO Media Announces the Release of Capo: Rise to Power, Season Two

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Los Angeles, CA, November 11, 2022 –(PR.com)– DXO Media (Los Angeles, CA) has announced that the second season of the TV Series Capo: Rise To Power is set to be released Memorial Day Weekend 2023.

The show, Capo: Rise To Power is a historical fiction drama that tells the story of two mob families in the 1920’s who were forced to flee from Palermo, Sicily to America. Barbarise says that the show will explore a side of La Cosa Nostra that still exists today. The series is based on La Vecchia Religione, the centuries-old religion of Stregheria which has believers and worshippers all over the world. Barbarise says it is unlike anything that has been seen or spoken of before.

Directed by award winner Director/Producer/Writer Ashley De Grandy (Metanoia 2020), actor Jimmy Barbarise once again conquers the Mafia saga’s principal role of Michael Baresi. He has learned his family has been haunted for decades by the tragic loss and events…

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