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Dustin Rose Releases a Personal, New Album with the Encouragement to “Overcome” Life’s Hurdles Along the Way

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Portland, OR, August 20, 2021 –(PR.com)– If there is any theme for the last year, it certainly is reflected in the title of Dustin Rose’s most recent album, “Overcome.”

“Overcome” reunites Dustin Rose with keyboard player Tim Downing (Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey), legendary electric guitar player Frank Falbo (Falbo Guitars), and Producer Dave Beatty at BentBeat Productions.

“Dustin approached me in 2019 with the idea for his next album that would cover a lifetime of his stories and the journey it took him on,” said Dave Beatty, owner of BentBeat Productions in Portland, Oregon. “I was in the car driving back from a long day, and I clicked immediately with the idea. I was instantly on board.”

The first single from the LP is Carry Me.

“After a nearly sleepless night, I realized that a full day’s work was ahead of me,” said Rose about the Carry Me song. “We’ve all been there. A seemingly impossible task and…

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