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Dr. Hany Sakr’s New Book ‘Hematopathology Q Bank’ Brings A Comprehensive Reviewer in Hematopathology That Broadly Covers This Field Of Science

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Press Release

Jan 6, 2022

Fulton Books author Hany Sakr, MD, Ph.D., an assistant professor of pathology who specializes in hematopathology after his one-year fellowship at Ohio State University, has completed his most recent book “Hematopathology Q Bank”: a board exam review book that will guide the individual who is preparing for the hematopathology-subspecialty boards. It contains hundreds of questions about all aspects of hematology and hematopathology, case studies, tables and charts, and many others that will aid them in their studies.

Dr. Sakr shares, “For many years, we have noticed the lack of a concise, yet comprehensive, ‘question-and-answer style’ book that thoroughly covers hematology, hematolymphoid neoplasms, and coagulation disorders and renders them in an easy and digestible manner to the busy…

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