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Donum – Creating a Sustainable Gifting Experience

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Indianapolis, IN, November 21, 2022 –(PR.com)– Tracey Lynch is an entrepreneur, teacher, broad thinker, and friend of this planet. She intently and presently listens and can artfully synthesize information and varied perspectives into ideas that can remedy issues that create a benefit for us all. Tracey can look at big problems and easily pick them apart. By employing simple answers that require the least amount of work, offer the least inconvenience, and allow the path of least resistance to unfold, Tracey devises solutions that are easy to implement. Tracey has taken these qualities and has come up with a solution to the immense problem of gift returns and how those returns affect our planet. Tracey’s son Roderick Strozier II is her co-author. Rod shares Tracey’s philosophies in his approach to the health of the planet and as such he was a natural choice to co-author this project. The fact that they are mother and son gives…

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