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Don Mammoser Photography Tours Announces a Guided Photography Tour to the World-Famous Galapagos Islands

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Parker, CO, May 24, 2023 –(PR.com)– Don Mammoser Photography tours has just added a new tour offering to the Galapagos Islands.

This tour offers participants the chance to learn wildlife photography in the incredible Galapagos Islands. Visit the Galapagos during the best time of year, when wildlife species at are annual highs, when the ocean is warmer and calmer, and when the islands are lush. Live aboard a privately chartered yacht with a crew of nine professionals, including licensed Galapagos guide. Learn simple, and effective bird and wildlife photography techniques. Witness and capture with a camera, the wonderful beauty of Galapagos birds, friendly marine mammals and unique Galapagos reptiles. You’ll be guided by a professional wildlife photographer while having a ton of fun traveling and photographing with a like-minded group of just 14 participants. Tour begins in Guayaquil, Ecuador during the second week of April 2024….

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