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digital self-service now more popular than calling customer service

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60% of UK household water and energy customers prefer not to call customer service if they can use online tools to solve their problems, according to Macro 4 research

Crawley, UK, March 22, 2022 – Most consumers are ready to swap customer service calls for digital self-service in the wake of their experience during the pandemic, according to new survey findings released by Macro 4. The research, which examines UK consumer attitudes to household energy and water suppliers, suggests that 61 per cent of customers have become more comfortable interacting with companies digitally since the pandemic, on websites, apps and other online channels. And 60 per cent would now prefer not to call a live customer service person at all if they can solve their issues themselves using online resources.

Jim Allum, Director, Commercial and Technical at Macro 4 a division of UNICOM® Global

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