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Digital Asset Research (DAR) Examines FTX Warning Signs and the Future of Crypto Exchange Diligence

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New York, NY, January 24, 2023 –(PR.com)– Digital Asset Research (DAR), an industry-leader in cryptocurrency exchange vetting, today is sharing its reflections on FTX warning signs, missed opportunities to identify issues, and ways to strengthen diligence moving forward. Since 2017, DAR has conducted diligence on centralized crypto exchanges, including FTX, for its institutional clients.

“FTX’s failure offers a rare opportunity for the digital asset industry to redefine and enhance diligence standards for exchanges and other counterparties,” said Doug Schwenk, DAR’s CEO. “In its aftermath, we evaluated what went right in our diligence, what we overlooked, and how we can lead the industry toward stronger standards.”

Each quarter, DAR’s Exchange Vetting for Price Quality process identifies Vetted Exchanges that meet institutional standards and Watchlist Exchanges that may qualify for future inclusion. Prior to the…

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