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David Ramirez’s New Book ‘Daisy and Jacob Ride the Train’ is the Thrilling Tale of Two Siblings Who Find Adventure While Riding on a Train, Despite Jacob’s Disability

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Press Release

Sep 16, 2022 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books author David Ramirez, a native of Jenks, Oklahoma, and a proud father of two, has completed his most recent book “Daisy and Jacob Ride the Train”: a charming and delightful story of Daisy and Jacob, two siblings who enjoy a fun-filled day while traveling on a large steam engine.

“Daisy is just like you, and so are the special friends she meets on her adventures,” writes Ramirez. “Her brother, Jacob, loves big steam engines and the loud sounds they make. Join Daisy and Jacob as they ride a passenger coach up into the mountains of Colorado. Even though Jacob uses a large wheelchair to get around, he doesn’t have any trouble making new friends,…

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