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D.C. Schorno’s new book, ‘Inspiration From a Masterpiece’ is a wonderful piece on discovering a person’s true identity designed by God

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Recent release “Inspiration From a Masterpiece” from Covenant Books author D.C. Schorno is a deeply inspiring exposition that helps readers in unveiling the being within them who was perfectly crafted by the Creator Himself.

Press Release

Dec 30, 2021

D.C. Schorno, a faithful servant of God, a Sunday school teacher, a dutiful husband and father; has completed his new book, “Inspiration From a Masterpiece”: a heartening work created to aid anyone who feels lost in their own journey. These accumulation of personal experiences, wisdom, and insights will serve as a beacon to those who are currently running in circles. 

Schorno shares, “Are you created or invented? Do you know? Have you ever had this question cross your mind? Unfortunately, mainstream America has never posed this question to people. We’ve left out the…

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