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Cynthia Lilly and Michael Miller’s New Book ‘Lia’s Fabulous Tutus’ Centers Around a Bright Little Girl Who Dances Ballet Any Moment That She Can Throughout the Day

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Press Release

Nov 21, 2022 06:00 EST

Fulton Books authors Cynthia Lilly and Michael Miller have completed their most recent book “Lia’s Fabulous Tutus”: a charming story that follows a young girl who loves nothing more than to dance ballet and dreams of becoming a ballerina.

Lia is an adorable little girl who is obsessed with dancing and does so from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. Her favorite is dancing ballet, during which time she gets to wear beautiful tutus and pretend she has become a famous ballerina. In between dances, Lia performs her chores to earn extra money in order to surprise her brother with an unexpected but much-appreciated gift.

Published by Fulton Books,…

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