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CoverMe Provides Beginner’s Guide to Choose the Right Plans and Bolster Cybersecurity

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San Jose, CA, August 22, 2021 –(PR.com)– TechRadar, one of the largest consumer technology news and reviews sites, published a review of CoverMe app earlier this month. The independent review introduced CoverMe’s price, features, interface and user experience, support, security level, and provide guidance for consumers.

“CoverMe is a private communications app that offers a robust and secure messaging platform. In a time where privacy is at the forefront of the digital conversation, you will likely see the value in what CoverMe has to offer,” Daniel Ginn, the author of the CoverMe review mentioned. “CoverMe protects third-party access to messages through end-to-end encryption. Calls are made through a VoIP system, which divides the call signal into ‘packets’, making it difficult for unwanted eavesdroppers to intercept the call.”

Served as a multi-functional app, CoverMe aims to provide the ultimate privacy protection…

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