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Could Langson Energy Have a Solution to the Worldwide Energy Crisis at Data Centers with Its Gas Letdown Generator?

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Carson City, NV, August 19, 2021 –(PR.com)– Data centers process, store and communicate data behind the myriad information services the world relies on every day, whether it be streaming video, email, social media, online collaboration, or scientific computing.

Data centers utilize many Information Technology (IT) devices to provide these services, all of which are powered by electricity. Servers provide computations and logic in response to information requests, while storage drives house the files and data needed to meet those requests. Network devices connect the data center to the internet, enabling incoming and outgoing data flows. The electricity used by these IT devices is ultimately converted into heat, which must be removed from the data center by cooling equipment that also uses electricity.

Generally, servers and cooling systems account for the greatest shares of direct electricity use in data centers, followed by…

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