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Controlling and Protecting Copiers and Printers Necessary to Secure Healthcare Data

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– By Gabriela Garner, Product Marketing Director at Kofax

The use of electronic health records has significantly improved the level of service patients receive today. At the same time, however, data breaches are also becoming common place. This isn’t surprising – today’s patient lifecycle has more touchpoints than ever before. Additionally, networked multi-function devices (MFD) such as copiers and printers are now mainstream in healthcare.

Each time a document or form is copied, scanned, printed, faxed or emailed— on either an analogue fax machine, digital MFD or mobile device—protected health information of patients can be accidentally exposed or intentionally compromised. Paper output can be particularly difficult to track and control and isn’t eliminated by electronic processes. A significant proportion of healthcare information breaches are routinely caused by privilege misuse or inadvertent errors.

Prevention is…

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