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Coffman Engineers Principal Robert Bigtas Reaches 30-Year Career Milestone

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Native Hawaiian Fire Protection Engineer Provides 30 Years of Service in the Pacific Region

Coffman Engineers, Inc. (Coffman) is pleased to announce a 30-year career milestone for Fire Protection Engineering Principal Robert Bigtas, PE, FSFPE.

Coffman’s Pacific Region Managing Principal John Thielst said, “Robert’s career is marked by his dedication to this profession, his loyalty to clients, and Coffman. We congratulate him on this significant milestone and look forward to his leadership for many years to come.”

Bigtas’ depth of technical knowledge, passion, and client relationships has led to trusted partnerships with the local architectural and engineering communities as well as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Air Force. Bigtas has worked on more than 80% of all military bases in the…

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