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Clear Brilliance explains the benefits of frameless glass pool fencing

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Glass pool fencing is fast becoming the most popular pool fencing choice. Clear Brilliance explains why it’s the best option for any pool setting.

Press Release

updated: Aug 23, 2021 16:22 AEST

Australia has famously strict laws surrounding pool fencing to protect children and pets from entering pool areas unsupervised and potentially being harmed. When choosing pool fencing, Australians do not need to choose between safety and style. Pool fencing experts Clear Brilliance, explain why frameless glass pool fencing is the best choice for every pool area.

Last year, there were over 200 deaths due to drowning in Australia; many of these were in backyard pools. Glass pool fencing works to reduce this number and keep children and pets safe around pools. Clear Brilliance explains that not only is glass…

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