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Clean Battery Generators From Dory Power for Indoor Backup of Home Furnace and Appliances

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Press Release

Jan 20, 2022 13:00 EST

Power outages in winter is of grave concerns for families and households to stay warm and comfortable. While the gas/diesel generators are polluting, noisy, and only for outdoor uses, Dory Power company, an innovative manufacturer located in Cleveland, Ohio, produces portable battery generators to provide clean, automatic and long-time backup power. The Dory battery generators have no emissions, no noises and no vibrations during usage, making them perfect for indoor use. 

The battery generators from Dory Power are designed for fully automated backup, with an automatic switch installed inside. They just need to be plugged in between a wall outlet and the home furnace to be backed up. No need to install a costly transfer switch. When the grid power is available, the electrical…

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