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Claimsmiths launches service to help challenge teacher-assessed grades

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Today Claimsmiths launches its service to students who wish to challenge their GCSE, AS and A level teacher-assessed grades (TAGs). The Claimsmiths team, a consumer focused arm of the law firm Brandsmiths, handles such challenges in a measured, professional fashion to minimise the emotional anxiety for families who believe that their children’s grades have been assessed incorrectly.

Next week sees the publication of TAGs for both A-level / AS and GCSE students (on August 10 and 12 respectively). It is the second year that these exams have been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s exam cohort has faced extensive periods of isolated distance learning, sometimes of variable quality, with the additional impact on their mental health both from Covid and the uncertainty about the assessment procedure.

The Government replaced public exams with TAGs for this summer. Unlike 2020, there was no algorithm in place. Each…

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