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Christmas Crazy Mazes – Fun with Purpose

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San Diego, CA, December 02, 2022 –(PR.com)– Remember getting an activity book when you were a kid? Remember the fun of spending hours doing the same word search, mazes, or picture puzzles over and over, how that scratched a special mental itch? Each time you finished a puzzle, there was a tiny endorphin rush that drove you on to the next puzzle. While having fun like this is the primary purpose of our latest book, “Christmas Crazy Mazes,” there’s more to maze books than just play.

Here at Barefoot Brains, they’re focused on creating puzzle books for children, adults, and seniors to grow and maintain active brains. While they love maze books, they also love the fact that they’re an excellent tool for cognitive development in kids.

Research published in Developmental Psychology demonstrates that children who are good at spatial tasks, like mazes, are also good at mathematics and logic, and training in mazes can improve reasoning…

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