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Chicago-Area Hospitals Gain Access to More Ventilators, Other Medical Equipment With Opening of New US Med-Equip Support Center

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Press Release

Jan 13, 2022 10:30 CST

As hospitals battle the COVID-19 omicron variant while treating an influx of seasonal flu patients, patients throughout the Midwest now have access to the highest quality medical equipment and can get it faster than ever with the opening of US Med-Equip’s new regional support center in Chicago.  

Hospitals across the country count on US Med-Equip (USME) for critical medical devices—diagnostic and clinical devices ranging from infusion pumps and patient monitors to ventilators, baby incubators and more. USME is expanding rapidly to meet growing demand while investing heavily in its equipment fleet and the technology and biomedical services to support it.  

The newest USME regional support center, located in Burr Ridge, Ill., will provide faster service to Chicagoland healthcare providers,…

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