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Chef Jessica Formicola Shares Easy Back-To-School Meals and Snack Solutions on TipsOnTV

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Recipe Developer, Founder of SavoryExperiments.com and Super Mom Chef Jessica Formicola Shares Quick and Tasty Family Recipes

Most modern families face busy schedules with work, school and extracurricular activities. The challenge is to create quality meals even when life gets hectic. That requires inspired planning and some help from an expert. TV personality, cookbook author and recipe developer Jessica Formicola is partnering with Sprouts Farmers Market to offer some ideas for creating tasty meals in minutes for families.


Breakfast is an important part of any day, so it helps to build a better breakfast with nourishing ingredients to start the day off right. For kids of all ages and adults, pair grain-free granola and fresh berries with any yogurt, make it Greek to add…

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