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Cgaea.com Launches AI Green Dollar e-Wallet

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Casper, WY, July 16, 2021 –(PR.com)– Cgaea Inc. releases its latest proprietary mobile software and AI green dollar e-wallet. The recent version of the Cgaea mobile app is designed to enable users to keep track of the daily carbon foot-print, with a lens on promoting green living lifestyles to reverse climate change.

The Cgaea AI e-wallet feature is designed to generate green dollars as a reward for daily green acts. This feature enables green dollars to be used in the Cgaea circular, green micro-economy for vendor partners, ranging from online education, pollution-free travel, solar-energy housing and vegan diet among others.

A disruptive aspect of the Cgaea green dollar e-wallet is to enable users to pay for house-call/telemedicine services through its DocDash feature, a medical care network designed to provide care within one hour of the initial request. DocDash is scheduled to launch globally Spring 2022 as inspired by…

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