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CDN Solar Launches New DIY Solar Kits for Off Grid RV Adventures

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Kelowna, Canada, May 14, 2023 –(PR.com)– CDN Solar, a leading provider of online DIY solar solutions, is excited to announce its new line of solar products specifically designed for Off Grid RV camping. The company’s solar solutions are perfect for those who seek sustainable and eco-friendly power while enjoying their RV camping experience.

The new product line includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, and charge controllers that are easy to install and use. With these top-quality products, RV campers can now enjoy the freedom of camping without the need for a noisy and polluting generator when going off grid.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers a wide range of solar solutions that cater specifically to their RV camping needs,” said senior executive at CDN Solar. “Our products are designed to provide reliable and sustainable power to RV campers, giving them an opportunity to enjoy nature without harming the environment.”


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