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CBD Online Store Rebrands as Qinneba: Embracing the Past, Embracing the Future

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Laguna Hills, CA, June 07, 2023 –(PR.com)– CBD Online Store, a prominent provider of high-quality CBD products, is excited to announce its rebranding as Qinneba. This strategic change not only marks a new chapter in the company’s evolution but also signifies its commitment to embracing the rich history and promising future of the hemp industry.

So, what is Qinneba? Derived from ancient Aramaic, Qinneba (pronounced kay-nay-ba) translates to “hemp.” Drawing inspiration from this linguistic heritage, Qinneba encapsulates the essence of the company’s core offerings. The decision to adopt this name stems from the profound significance of hemp as a medicinal plant and its cultural resonance throughout the centuries.

“Hemp” in Arabic, known as Qinb, bears a striking similarity to Qinneba, reinforcing the brand’s connection to its roots and aligning with its mission to provide a diverse range of cannabinoid-infused products. As the…

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