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CannaMom & Entrepreneur, Ava Tyler, Releases 3rd Cannabis Cookbook, “Trippy Eats: A Cannabis & Psilocybin Cookbook”

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Los Angeles, CA, August 17, 2022 –(PR.com)– Ava Tyler, cannamom & entrepreneur, released her 3rd cookbook, “Trippy Eats: A Cannabis & Psilocybin Cookbook,” on Oct. 17, 2021, published by Stoner Strategies. Ava Tyler is a cannamom and entrepreneur who is known as one of LA’s most innovative new writers.

This cookbook showcases her love for science and lets her put to good use all of those science credits she earned in her college days in a tasty way. Her life long love for food, her use of cooking as a means to get through the hard times and as a way to live in the moment through her senses that also keeps her grounded and able to focus on homeschooling her two boys as a single mom in Los Angeles, California trying to break all of her generational curses.

The book includes:

The Science Behind Cannabis
The Science Behind Psilocybin
Explains how to safely use these forbidden ingredients
What to do if you get too high

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