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CancerLife Announces a New Platform to Address Disparities of Care with Breast Cancer

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Philadelphia, PA, October 29, 2022 –(PR.com)– CancerLife, a digital therapeutics company, announced today, during Breast Cancer Support Month, the specific goal of helping patients in remote care settings improve outcomes and QoL and address disparities of care in cancer.

CancerLife has been validated in a Phase 3 clinical trial to raise QoL. By using social behavioral therapy and novel data collection reporting, CancerLife helps patients change how they think and experience their cancer diagnosis while identifying and lowering the symptom burden by 66%. This improves their quality of life, regardless of the care location. Doctors will also benefit because CancerLife raises QoL without any workflow or investment in time by their cancer care staff.

“As a DTC internet platform, we lower the burden on oncologists and their practices by allowing any patient to download and use the app for free and help them improve their quality…

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