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“Canada’s Global Military Role Lacks Awareness,” Says Former PM on “Talking Foreign Affairs”

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Perth, Australia, November 30, 2022 –(PR.com)– Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell was the recent guest on “Talking Foreign Affairs” with Adil Cader.

The two discuss Canadian Foreign Policy and Gender Equality. On Canada’s role on the global stage, she remarks, “Many Canadians are not aware of the extent to which Canada has, in fact, participated in military operations around the world.” Mrs. Campbell adds, “It was the Canadian Prime Minister who put pressure on President George H.W. Bush to get an approval from the United Nations before going into Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait. In that case, Canada was able to have quite a strong influence on the way America engaged in that conflict.” She further opens up on the country’s position in the World Wars and various military conflicts, as well as its relations with the United States.

The host, Adil Cader, then brings up a question on the unique factors about…

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