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Can a urine test act as an early warning system for a severe course of infection with COVID?

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Acute kidney failure is one of the most dangerous consequences of a coronavirus infection. It’s no wonder that more and more patients are asking: What can I do to protect my kidneys? Above all, it is important to regularly monitor kidney function using means such as urine analysis. The Reactif urine tests from the medical-technology company nal von minden, which is based in Germany, determine up to 14 health and kidney-related parameters within a matter of seconds. The test serves doctors and home-users as a diagnostic aid for the monitoring of a range of health-related parameters.

“For people who are – or have been – infected with coronavirus, checking the kidneys regularly can really bring peace of mind,” says Roland Meißner, CEO at nal von minden GmbH. “A urine test is a good way of identifying potential changes in kidney function”, says Meißner. “A urine test provides patients with extra surety. It is an excellent…

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