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Butler Warner Generation Battery Energy Storage Site Goes On-Line

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Durham, NC, August 05, 2022 –(PR.com)– Strata Clean Energy (“Strata”) announces the completion and activation of the Butler-Warner Generation battery energy storage project. The Fayetteville Public Works Commission chose Strata Clean Energy to perform the EPC on the Butler-Warner Generation BESS (“Butler-Warner”) in its efforts to make electricity more affordable to the residents of Cumberland County, NC.

Butler has a 1.75MW / 8.8MWh capacity and utilizes Tesla Megapack battery technology. The system provides peak shaving capabilities of 300 hours per year, reducing peak energy costs by up to $400,000 annually.

“PWC and Strata Clean Energy worked very well together on this project. The project was completed under the pre-agreed time frame and on budget,” David Deschamps, Electric Engineering Manager, Fayetteville PWC said. “Furthermore, considering the complexity of the project there were no major issues at the final…

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