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British Science Association is already fighting the next pandemic

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As the world continues to fight coronavirus and its mutations, the BSA’s new thought leadership series, For Thought, is hoping to find answers to questions to avoid the next one.

March 10, London: How can we create resilient leaders, organisations and nations for future global shocks? How can we learn from innovating in a crisis to stimulate growth in technologies that do not yet exist? And how can we focus on a green recovery after COVID-19 when medical plastic used to prevent the virus has already spiked plastic pollution? Questions like these, and more, is what For Thought, the upcoming event series by the British Science Association (BSA) will answer.

Between March and April, a series of four thought leadership events will bring together experts and influencers from across different industries such as policy, research, business and media to discuss and debate the biggest challenges facing society today, and to establish…

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