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Brand New Supernatural Series for Those Who Love Demons and Angels

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Venice, FL, November 26, 2022 –(PR.com)– Paranormal Romance and Horror Author Barb Jones is launching her new book, “Son of Asmodeus.” The book is the first in the brand-new series Heaven and Hell. This book aims to bring readers into a world that involves demons and angels.

“Son of Asmodeus” highlights the long-standing battle between Heaven and Hell, where she has devised a creative, action-packed approach with a demon hunter searching for his destiny. Ms. Jones has created a modern-day world that accepts the concept of demons and angels readily.

According to Ms. Jones, “This series will be edge on your seat mind-blowing, and full of action. It is similar to my Blood Prophecy series, and the first book is being adapted into a film. I am very excited about this series, and already my fans have been raving about it. ARC readers have been giving it 5-star reviews.”

The book is set in present-day Los Angeles and focuses on the…

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