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Boss by Affiliation Artist Kuextion Releases ‘Backend’

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Press Release

Dec 21, 2021

Hip Hop artist Kuextion has released his first official music video for his new single “Backend” on Dec. 9, 2021, just in time to announce his early 2022 debut Album “Hustler’s Nights”, inspired by experiences in life that have pushed him to go make it happen.

The track evokes positive emotions, from the beat selection to the riveting flow. Kuextion makes it easy for listeners to jam to something that they can relate to and feel good while doing it. He expresses his day-to-day hustle and lifestyle but reminds his audience to play hard too with lines like “We just ain’t sleeping, we been up midnight creeping, tryna break even, get it in the evening, now I gotta make it to the weekend, then I go tweaking”. Everyone has been there before. Kuextion’s motto is work hard play hard as a reminder of his…

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