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Blue Shark Vodka and Atlantic Shark Institute Find Vulnerabilities in Shark Populations

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Wilmington, NC, August 05, 2021 –(PR.com)– Throughout June and July Blue Shark Vodka’s shark research mission with The Atlantic Shark Institute was unable to locate any female blue sharks, pointing to extreme vulnerabilities in the species’ population. Blue Shark Vodka’s intention was, in addition to funding needed research, all shark lovers to engage in the project by following the females online as they migrated south with the help of tracking devices. This did not pan out as an option as some of the world’s leading shark researchers could not locate the females at all. It is what the researchers did not find that ended up being some of the most interesting information.

Below is an update from Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark Bloomquist:
“After weeks at sea, our dedicated research team was unable to locate any female Blue Sharks. Helping protect and preserve the docile blue shark has always been at the center of our…

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