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Blossom, a Startup Based in Palo Alto, CA, is Changing How People Consume Scented Candles by Introducing a Line of Scented Wax Melt Collections Called Smelt (Smell+Melt)

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Palo Alto, CA, August 25, 2021 –(PR.com)– Blossom, a startup based in Palo Alto, CA, is here to change the way people consume scented candles.

Started during the depth of the pandemic and the work from home wave, Blossom was founded to add a new dimension to people’s daily lives and break the home-office boredom.

After realizing the cost of collecting different scented candles and the tedium of having the same scent for a long time, the founder concluded that there must be a better way to bring aromatic diversity without breaking the bank. The answer was to create products that are curated collections of six aromas per package leading to a more diverse aromatic experience for customers.

With a direct-to-consumer e-commerce presence, Blossom is introducing its latest product line to the US, Canadian, and Latin American markets to provide unique inspirational aromatic experiences to its customers.

“By crafting fragrances of the…

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