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BJ Energy Solutions Enters Into Multiple Long-Term Contracts for Its Emissions Reducing Next-Generation TITAN Fleets

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Press Release

updated: Jun 21, 2021

BJ Energy Solutions has entered into two separate, three-year agreements with a leading independent oil and natural gas company for the provision of TITAN next-generation fracturing fleets in the Haynesville. These fleets will deploy in early 2022 and carry an optional two-year extension following the initial term.

The TITAN technology was selected through a process, which included an extensive evaluation of equipment emission profiles. “We are excited about this new partnership, which will include the deployment of two new TITAN Fleets along with collaboration on other related areas of the well completion process to further improve emissions,” says BJ Energy Solutions CEO, Warren Zemlak.

The application of each of these TITAN fleets will offset overall Greenhouse Gas…

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