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Biden’s Warning to US Companies About Doing Business with Hong Kong; Kryptall Can Protect US Companies by Not Creating Call Records

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Wilmington, DE, August 17, 2021 –(PR.com)– A warning was issued by the Biden administration to U.S. companies in Hong Kong. Biden’s administration informed US Companies will be subject to all laws of the territory. This includes China’s recent national security law.

NPR shared some important takeaways about China’s new Security Law.

· “Beijing will set up its own national security agency in Hong Kong beholden only to the mainland”
· “The law applies to anyone, anywhere in the world”
· “Serious national security cases will be tried in mainland Chinese courts, by Chinese judges”
· “The law is designed to quell any dissent in Hong Kong against Beijing’s rule”

According to Biden’s advisory, businesses are at risk from electronic surveillance without warrants and the probability of apprehending of customer and corporate data to authorities.

The Financial Times cautions that this new law allows “Beijing to access…

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