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Belgium Top Favourite to Win the European Championship, England Predicted to be Eliminated in Round of 16

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Hailing from the city of Münster in Germany, the data experts behind KickForm.com have rolled out their predictions for the upcoming Euro 2020.

According to data-driven simulations run on the platform, Belgium is one of the top favourites to win the Euro 2020, with a calculated probability of 22%.

Kickform Euro 2020

Headed by mastermind Prof. Heuer (author of “The Perfect Tip”) KickForm’s professional team of statisticians have provide highly accurate forecasts for match outcomes of Euro 2020. Throughout the regular football season, KickForm is known to deliver forecasts backed by the most recent data and statistics for the major European leagues, with an accuracy of well over 70%.

For the Euro 2020, however, KickForm’s sophisticated statistical tools had to be adapted accordingly for each national team. In a complex simulation, the outcomes were calculated 100,000 times and were recently published on

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