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Beard Balm: the Do-It-All Beard Product by Volt Grooming

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Santa Ana, CA, October 25, 2022 –(PR.com)– In the old days, men had to choose between a healthy and hydrated beard and the stylish and perfectly-shaped beard. After all, different beard products do different things; Beard oil hydrates and softens a beard, and beard wax styles and hardens a beard. Rarely did anyone combine waxes and oils into a product that did both at once, until today.

Beard balm is specifically formulated to both nourish and style a man’s beard. It does this by combining the natural oils that help hydrate a beard with the organic waxes and butters that help style and provide a hold to a beard. There is a careful balance that has to be struck here. Too much beard oil and there is no hold for styling, but too much wax, and your beard will become hard and stiff. Volt Grooming seems to have found a pleasing balance in the men’s grooming marketplace.

To be clear, beard balm is generally not the same thing as beard…

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