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Bamboo Systems Models How to Reduce Data Center Carbon Footprint with Arm Servers

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Bamboo’s new whitepaper crunches the numbers on x86 powered data centers vs those utilizing Arm servers

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND AND SAN JOSE, CA – July 13, 2021Bamboo Systems, a provider of revolutionary Arm-based, enterprise-classed servers architected to meet the needs of today’s software design and data center demands, today released a whitepaper “Reducing Your Data Center Carbon Footprint with Bamboo Arm Servers” which analyzes the energy used by different types of data centers. Bamboo found that an Arm server-powered data center reduces CO2 production by 74 percent, equivalent to almost half a million barrels of oil.

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Bamboo’s whitepaper model calculated the energy used by a medium-sized data center with 750 racks of conventional 1U servers, assuming the servers comprise about two-thirds of the floor space and that the equipment space accounts for 65 percent of the total. This translates to a roughly 62,000…

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