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Badger Fulfillment Group Invests in Solar & Sustainable Practices

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Harvard, IL, October 27, 2022 –(PR.com)– Badger Fulfillment Group is proud to announce their investment in a massive solar project that will power their fulfillment center and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The company has long been committed to providing the most efficient and responsible fulfillment services possible, and this latest initiative only serves to further that commitment. Not only does the solar power installation allow them to provide efficient and cost-effective fulfillment services, but it also allows them to pass those savings onto their customers. With tilt-up reinforced concrete construction, they can minimize heat loss and achieve even greater levels of energy conservation. Just as important, they have also implemented sustainable packaging materials at every step of their fulfillment process.

Badger Fulfillment Group CEO Kyle Kobriger states, “We wanted to do more than just use eco-friendly…

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