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Automotive & Commercial Locksmith Adds Cutting-Edge Technology to Expand Services to Florida Customers, No Matter the Motorized Vehicle

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A Locksmith Shop that sent a specific message to consumers: one of reconquest and domination of the automotive market.

Press Release

Jan 7, 2022 09:00 EST

With the acquisition of new cutting-edge technology, Automotive & Commercial Locksmith Inc. have invested greater efforts to expand their reach and in consequence better the service that is offered to customers in need of a much-specialized technician in the automobile field.

The Store capabilities now have been extended not just to the cutting and programming of keys but to the initialization or synchronization of new and used car modules like Gearbox or Electronic Transmission Control Unit (EGS), Digital Motor Electronics (DME) or Electronic Control Module (ECU), Footwell module (FRM) and Instrument Clusters among others, either thru the OBD2 port or with the…

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