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Author Vivianna Kirby’s New Book, “Searching for Me: A Conversation with You,” is a Faith-Based Memoir That Follows the Author Through Her Path of Self-Discovery with God

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Atlanta, GA, December 28, 2022 –(PR.com)– Vivianna Kirby, a business owner, creator, entrepreneur, and doctoral student at Pepperdine University, has completed her new book, “Searching for Me: A Conversation with You”: a poignant and touching memoir that follows the author through her struggles to find herself, and how God’s loving embrace lead her to the answers she was always searching for.

“If we are truly honest, there has been a point in time in our lives where we wondered, ‘What am I supposed to be doing?’” writes Kirby. “Whether it is trying to navigate others’ expectations of ourselves, seeking clarity on religious norms, or reflecting on past storms, we have all been there. ‘Searching for Me’ takes you on a journey of pain, self-discovery, and self-love and is an incredible tale of perseverance against all odds and obstacles. Moreover, it is a perfect host of reminders that anything is possible with…

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