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Author Terrance StreetZ Johnson’s New Book ‘The Bonnet Effect’ is a Riveting Science Fiction Tale About Four Genetically Altered Teens Attempting to Avoid Capture

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Recent release ‘The Bonnet Effect’ from Newman Springs Publishing author Terrance StreetZ Johnson is about a group of four friends who are on the search to find their true identity. They have the task of finding out why they have to be together and what the Bonnett Effect is all about.

Press Release

Sep 2, 2022

Terrance StreetZ Johnson, a family man and father inspired by and with the help of his family, has completed his new book “The Bonnet Effect”: a gripping and potent tale about a group of four special teenagers discovering government secrets that alter their lives. 

Terrance states, “Little did I know, it was already too late. What I…

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