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Author T. L. Smith’s Book, ‘The Keymaster: Mina’s Journey’ is an Adventurous Tale of a Fantasy Realm Where Redemption Can Turn Victims to Villains

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Recent release “The Keymaster: Mina’s Journey” from Covenant Books author T. L. Smith is a gripping adventure in a fantasy realm where victims of terrorism are awarded the terrifying and compelling opportunity to turn the tables on their tormentors and reign as the new villains.

Press Release

Jan 13, 2022

T. L. Smith, a North Carolina native with a love for science fiction and fantasy has completed her new book, “The Keymaster: Mina’s Journey”:  a compelling fantasy tale.

Smith shares, “The Keymaster: Mina’s Journey is the epic tale of a mysterious being who is on a mission to help heal the hearts and minds of several tortured souls. Mina Chase is a young girl whose life takes a dramatic turn for the worse after an unspeakable act of terrorism leaves her both mentally and physically scarred almost beyond repair….

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