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Author Stephanie Turner’s new book, ‘The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key,’ is the story of a teenager whose life is turned upside down after a vampire attack

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Recent release “The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key” from Newman Springs Publishing author Stephanie Turner kicks off a thrilling new young adult vampire series featuring Elizabeth, who learns her family has been hiding dangerous secrets after the gruesome death of her mother.

Press Release

Dec 29, 2021 06:00 EST

Stephanie Turner, who has put her own spin and a new set of rules on the vampire mythos, has completed her new book, “The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key”: not your average vampire story. In Turner’s take, vampires walk among humans, but the stereotypes about them are a lie.

The story picks up after a brutal attack leaves Elizabeth’s mother dead and the girl’s eyes opened to a world within the world she thought she knew. Her father missing until after the funeral and a fuzzy memory of her mother…

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