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Author Raúl Hernández’s New Book, ‘Heli the Helicopter’, is a Delightful Tale That Teaches Readers to Slow Down and Appreciate the World Around Them

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Recent release “Heli the Helicopter” from Covenant Books author Raúl Hernández is an endearing tale of a happy helicopter who flies sightseeing tours of her quaint, small town. When bigger, faster planes come from the city, they learn from Heli that slowing down to take in their surroundings will make them happier.

Press Release

Jan 6, 2022

Raúl Hernández, proud husband, father, and grandfather has completed his new book, “Heli the Helicopter”: a delightful tale for families of all ages.

 Hernández shares, “‘Stop and smell the roses.’ That old saying is very true. I hope this story inspires you to slowdown, take your time, and enjoy the scenery. We all seem to be in such a hurry that we forget to notice the beauty around us. This story was inspired by my oldest daughter, Jeanneen, when she was a little…

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