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Author Prentis Caudill’s New Book, “Passion of a Rose,” is a Powerful Book Full of Beautiful and Meaningful Poems Designed to Brighten All Reader’s Lives

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Sanford, ME, May 08, 2023 –(PR.com)– Prentis Caudill, who was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1974, has completed his new book, “Passion of a Rose”: a meaningful collection of poetry that invites readers to dive headlong into a made-up world of love and laughter—a world of poetry and endless beauty.

After being removed from an abusive and broken home at the young age of eleven, author Prentis Caudill was housed in an institution and diagnosed as a child with OCD and PTSD.

Prentis had the opportunity to move to Maine in the summer of 1992 and entered Ellsworth High School, where he was recognized as a bright student with learning disabilities. These poems are his testimony. Prentis has indeed found the strength to see the bare bones of human suffering and still dare to love.

In his first body of poems and short stories, he slowly opens his world up to us to reflect the love and understanding of his caring sister, leading us to…

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