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Author Phillip M. Wren’s new book, ‘The Bread of Presence’ is a spiritual journey to uncovering the meaning of true covenants of the Bible

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Recent release “The Bread of Presence” from Covenant Books author Phillip M. Wren is a historical and spiritual delve into the background and meaning of the most pertinent covenants of the Bible.

Press Release

Dec 30, 2021 06:00 EST

Phillip M. Wren, an Alabama native with a Masters in Divinity, has completed his new book, “The Bread of Presence”:  a work of spirituality explaining the background of the blood covenants.

Wren shares, “Throughout the Old Testament, we see people like Abel, Noah, Abraham, and many others relating to God through blood and blood covenants, which in today’s Western society we have little experience with. The Bread of Presence will take you on a spiritual journey to discover the background and rich meanings of these covenants as found throughout the Bible—all of which reveal…

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