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Author Oso Avon’s New Book ‘If It Isn’t Love’ is the Story of a Young Man Who Tries to Help a Woman Struggling With Her Past by Showing Her How Love Can Heal Anything

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Recent release “If It Isn’t Love” from Newman Springs Publishing author Oso Avon follows Hajji, who finds himself in a relationship with a young woman named Xena who’s past remains a mystery to him. As Xena begins to open up and reveal the dark secrets she holds on to, Hajji does his best to allow her to free herself from her mistakes and follow love to a place of inner healing.

Press Release

Sep 23, 2022 06:00 EDT

Oso Avon, a passionate storyteller, DJ, and producer, has completed his new book “If It Isn’t Love”: a stunning narrative on the ways in which love can heal and help one grow from their past mistakes and secrets.

Published by Newman…

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