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Author Lisa H. Goodson’s New Book, ‘Mia’s Mission to Be a Politician’ is a Delightful Tale of a Courageous Young Girl and Her Adventures With Her Grandparents

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Recent release “Mia’s Mission to be a Politician” from Covenant Books author Lisa H. Goodson is an inspiring adventure of a little girl and her grandparents. When faced with a challenge, she has to show courage and fight for what she believes in.

Press Release

Jan 6, 2022

Lisa H. Goodson, a New York City educator and principal has completed her new book, “Mia’s Mission to be a Politician”:  an inspiring tale of a courageous little girl.

Goodson shares, “Mia is on another Mission! Mia, along with Granma Betty, is trying to make things better for their town by going door-to-door to help the sick, elderly, and the poor…  until Grandpa Betty catches a bad case of the blues!  Mia has to figure out what to do. She must do what no girl in her school has done before, and she faces obstacles. Will Mia stand up…

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