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Author K. T. Phillips’s New Book ‘Evil Thoughts’ is a Sci-Fi Mystery That Follows a Teacher and Her Telepathic Student as They Attempt to Locate His Missing Girlfriend

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Recent release “Evil Thoughts” from Newman Springs Publishing author K. T. Phillips is a thrilling page-turner where a sixth-grade boy named Thomas allows his sixth-grade teacher, Ms. Williams, to learn his hidden secret for her to assist him in finding his missing girlfriend.

Press Release

Jan 5, 2022 06:00 EST

K.T. Phillips, a former special education teaching assistant born and raised in Northeast Tennessee, has completed her new book “Evil Thoughts”: a gripping and potent mystery about the drama and secrets surrounding a missing girl. 

Author K. T. Phillips writes, “Was whoever who wrote this trying to scare her, or were they warning her that they were going to rip her heart out? She knew that the world contained some pretty weird people, but she didn’t believe that anyone like that would be here in this sweet…

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